Project Ignite!

What sets us apart?

We are a community of people dedicated to wellness by being both physically and mentally fit. We will constantly challenge you by varying our programming – completely shutting the door on boredom and passivity that you may have encountered elsewhere. Only one thing will stay the same – you will be motivated each and every day that you walk in our doors. Our coaches and fellow members are here to support and rally you on.


The sport of fitness is delivered through the CrossFit program. Functional movements centered around olympic lifting, gymnastics, and endurance comprise the main elements of CrossFit. It caters to anyone and everyone by varying the load and intensity of workouts with infinite modifications. CrossFit is designed to develop and hone your skills across the entire spectrum of fitness by dynamic compound body and weighted movements.

Check out the latest!

Here you will find our daily activities and new announcements. Some pictures of our
workouts and members will be provided for your entertainment as well. A wealth of
information will be posted about local sporting events, nutrition, and in-house
competitions. Check back frequently!